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Beans Beans

    We can supply red, white and speckled bean.

    Bean is used in vegetable canning, for producing canned bean and bean in tomato sauce. We can offer you bean for industrial canning only. During processing bean is not lose their colour and do not boiled soft.

    "Trade Commodities Company" always try to provide food market with healthy and quality products.  bean contains a considerable quantity of starch, carbohydrates and fibers. Besides it is rich in the minerals, necessary vitamins (C, B1, В2, В6, РР), acids, carotin, macro- and microelements, such as copper and zinc.
    The product is transport and store in dry, clean trucks and grain warehouse  without any foreign smell  and pests according to 

    You may also be interested in tomato paste, crushed/diced tomato, vegetable purees.

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