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Cocoa powder, Blue poppy seeds

Cocoa powder

Cocoa powder Cocoa powder

    Product is packed in craft-bags per 25kg.

    In you product list you can find natural and alkalized cocoa powder:

    • Natural cocoa powder has a delicate taste and rich aroma of cocoa which is achieved in a result of combining high quality not alkalized cocoa beans.
    • Alkalized cocoa powder made from processed with alkaline solutions cocoa press cake. Comparing to natural cocoa powder alkalized one has more bright flavor. Shades rage can be from light brown to dark brown. In confectionary and milk production the necessary quantity of alkalized cocoa powder is in 20-25% less than natural one.

    You may also be interested in blue poppy seeds and dried fruits.

    Cocoa powder offered by TCC is made from the high quality cocoa beans grown in countries of Western Africa. Cocoa powder make a chocolate flavor and colour for the product. It is a suitable product for producing cocoa drinks , chocolate, confectionary and syrups, fillings, creams, milk, ice-cream, margarine and butter with chocolate flavor.

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