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Cocoa powder, Blue poppy seeds

Blue poppy seeds

Blue poppy seeds Blue poppy seeds

    Below you can see the requirements for product quality to which poppy seeds supplied by TCC 100% conforms:

    1)Description of product: blue poppy seeds

    2) Flavor: Particular for natural poppy seeds

    3) Colour: blue-grey

    4) Moisture: NMT 7,5%

    5) Black dockage: not allowed

    6) Oil additives ( rape seeds ): NMT 0,2%

    7) Unripe seeds: NMT 0,1%

    8) Pest contamination: not allowed

    9) Metallic impurity: not allowed

    10) Cadmium: NMT 0,5%

    11) Aflatoxin B1: NMT 0,005 mg/kg

    12) Pesticides: HCCH: NMT 0,2%; DDT and metabolites: NMT 0,05mg/kg; Diazinon: NMT 0,5 mg/kg; Malation: NMT 0,1 mg/kg; Phosalone: NMT 0,1 mg/kg;

    13) Radionuclides content: Cesium-137: NMT 70 Bq/kg; Strontium-90: NMT 90 Bq/kg.

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    Blue poppy seeds are used in candy and canning manufactures. Having a spicey flavor seeds are widely use in cookie, cake and muffin baking. This product contains from 46 to 56% of fixed oil and to 20% of protein.

    Blue poppy seeds extra are supplied from Czech Republic in 25 kg p.p. bag.

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