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Vegetables purees

Carrot puree

Carrot puree Carrot puree
  • Сarrot puree Russia 6-8%.
  • Сarrot puree Chile 22-24%.

Carrot puree is used for producing juices and juice drinks, fruit and vegetable purees and baby food. Why is this product was chosen for baby food? It is related to organism formation in a period of early childhood there is an active growth, skeleton teeth formation, general physical development. For that reason  baby’s dietary structure/food ration should include proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. The most important elements are vitamin A, iron and zinc. Enough intake of orange vegetables make a good impact on vision and organism efficiency, that’s why products made from carrot puree should be included in adults dietary.
No GMO used in producing of carrot puree.
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